I am currently a postdoctoral research fellow in the Baldassano lab at Columbia University where I use functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) and computational modeling techniques to answer questions about how the brain represents memories. My work is funded by a NRSA F32 fellowship from the National Eye Institute (federal award #: F32EY032352).

I will be joining UC Riverside as an Assistant Professor, starting Summer 2023. If you are interested in joining the lab as a lab manager, graduate student, or postdoc, please email me your CV. Official job postings will be linked, once available. For information regarding pay and benefits, please see UCR’s standard benefits information as well as general compensation rates for graduate students, and postdocs. Lab manager compensation ranges vary based on experience; please contact me directly for more information.

I endeavor to prioritize women, Black, and other historically marginalized folks in my mentoring. Please get in touch if I can provide support (e.g., tips on applying to grad school, reviewing CVs, etc.). There is also a list of some resources and readings that I am continually using to educate myself here including these Concrete Actions for Academics. I invite criticism and critiques of how I can provide better mentorship and allyship in general, but, specifically to Black, historically excluded, and underrepresented minoritized scientists.