I am currently a graduate student in Dr. Charan Ranganath’s Dynamic Memory Lab at UC Davis where my work focuses on the role of context in memory formation and retrieval. Following completion of my PhD, I will be a post-doc split between the Aly and Baldassano labs at Columbia University.

In my work, I use functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) and electroencephalography (EEG) techniques to study how human memory works. In particular, much of my work has focused on a structure called the hippocampus, which is intimately implicated in memory.

Prior to being in the DML, I completed my undergraduate training at the University of Michigan (Go Blue!) where I worked with Dr. Patricia Reuter-Lorenz on the role of semantic context in memory performance.

I then completed a research assistantship with Dr. Elizabeth Kensinger at Boston College where I expanded this line of work to investigate how semantic and phonologic contexts differentially affect memory performance in college students and healthy elderly individuals.